MCS & Bopro combine their strengths.

MCS and BOPRO combine their strengths and aim for market leadership in real estate and facility management.

MCS and BOPRO, two Belgian enterprises specialized in real estate and facility management, are combining their strengths. Both companies have announced this today. With the new agreement they want to offer an answer to the growing issue of sustainable solutions by incorporating social, ecological and economic values in the entire life cycle of real estate. The agreement will allow MCS and BOPRO to become the new Belgian market leader.

By bringing together the activities of both enterprises, MCS and BOPRO create an integrated IT and service provider in the market of real estate and facility management. According to Marcel Eeckhout, founder of MCS, it concerns a totally new business concept, resulting in the creation of a company armed with an innovative business concept at home and abroad. “The current market of real estate and facility management is characterized by a profound professionalization. With the new cooperation MCS and BOPRO want to create a platform comprising specialists in their field. Moreover the agreement also allows MCS to be present in the construction process at a much earlier stage”, according to Marcel Eeckhout.

Peter Garré, managing director of BOPRO, sees only advantages in the cooperation with MCS: “BOPRO has been active as a project manager in real estate since 1989. In 2000, we chose to further extend our services across the entire real estate life cycle. Because of the professionalization of real estate and the facilities world the way we approach our services will start more often from the perception of the workplace or living area. With the MCS software in our service package we can administer the entire life cycle of a company. Thanks to the new structure from now on the correct competences can be used by theme, sector and specialization. This guarantees even better and more cost effective services towards our customers.”

At present MCS and BOPRO together employ more than 80 specialists. In the future they want to enlarge their team.